Pool construction in your back yard can be a little stressful.!

That is why we want to tell and show you the entire process to ease your mind.


The outline of the pool will be spray painted on the ground per plan that customer agreed on. Any last minute modifications to the location of the pool or spa in your yard are best [...]


This means major landscape renovations. And big equipment maneuvering in and around your yard; such as backhoes and dump trucks.

Steel Structure

After the excavation, the staff comes in to do the steel structure. Their job, essentially, is to create a crisscross steel cage around the whole interior surface of the pool, for the concrete to be [...]

Plumbing & Electrical

Next step the crew will come to the site to pre-plumb the interior of the pool. This means making plumbing provisions that need to go through the concrete and included all the pool returns, pool [...]


The concrete or gunite is applied under extremely high pressure, covering the cage of re-bar. It is then carved and shaped by a skilled team of craftsmen

Custom Pool

Custom features previously agreed on during the design phase, will now be set in place. Some custom features customers often request is waterfalls, water jets, rock features, and bridges to name a few.


The choices of your pool perimeter are endless, many choices of decking will be introduced to you during the 3D pool design so you could visualize the pool decking before a decision is made.

Pool Finish

Choose from a wide range of interior options including fine grade pebble to colored finishes or even glass bead interiors.

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